Break plans

I’ll cut to the chase: my break plans are not final–you can still be part of my break plans!

Friday, December 16 – home after a day of snowboarding at Snowshoe
Monday-Thursday, December 19-22 – working at Digital Sandbox
Thursday, December 22 – extended family Christmas party
Friday, December 23 – catching up with Owen and Christmas Eve Eve service
Saturday, December 24 – Christmas with the family
Sunday, December 25 – Christmas with the not quite as extended family and family friends
Monday, December 26 – after-Christmas sales
Sunday, January 1 – head to Blacksburg
Monday-Thursday, January 2-5 – Passion ’06 in Nashville
Tuesday, January 17 – classes resume

Now the $1 million question: do I stay in Blacksburg from January 5 onward or do I come back and possibly work more and spend more time in the DC area?

Please let me know (call, comment, email, IM, etc) if you want to do something with me during break. I’m up for things in the DC area, Blacksburg, and during Passion (in Nashville).