Monster House

Monster HouseSaw Monster House last night at the drive in. Okay story line (designed for kids), but amazing computer graphics. Also had a chance to try one of the “world famous” drive in hotdogs. Their chili was almost nonexistant. I think I’ll pass on the hot dogs next time and opt for a second popcorn instead.

Next week’s drive in movie is Pirates of the Caribbea: Dead Man’s Chest. I’ve already seen it, so I’ll be passing. Not worth a second viewing, even at $4 a ticket.


Where have you been?

One of the things that I’ve enjoyed keeping track of since I was young has been which states I have visited.  For clarity’s sake, visiting a state simply means I’ve set my feet on the ground there.  For example, I was in Missouri on a five hour layover.  I could see the famous St. Louis arch from the airport though.  I’ve never spent time in Georgia, just driven through.  Also, I may have been to one or both of the Dakotas before, but I’m not sure.  Same goes for Kentucky.  Otherwise, I think this map is accurate.  My count says I’ve been in 23 of the 50 states.  Not too shabby.

US map