Books that Shape my Faith

Like it or not, every book that I read has shaped me in some way. However, some books shape you more than others. I have found the following books particularly helpful in some way or another. This list has been particularly influenced by the e4 courses I took at New Life Christian Fellowship (“seminary training in the studio of life”) while in college. However, many of these books I have learned about through other sources. Books with a * are ones that I have read at least twice in their entirety. This list is in no way complete and is subject to change as I keep reading!

  • *The Bible (NIV84, NASB, ESV, MSG, RVR1960) – you have to start at the source!
  • *Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire – if this book doesn’t motivate you to prayer, I don’t know what will
  • *Fruit at Work– the single most helpful book I have found about how to effectively take your faith to the office
  • *Celebration of Discipline – this book is the book on what the spiritual disciplines are, why you should do them, and what they look like
  • *Campus Aflame – should be required reading for every college minister! It’s too bad that the writing is dry and academic, because the contents will keep you on the edge of your seats – a history of college revivals in the US
  • *The Celtic Way of Evangelism – should be required reading for how to set up a Christian community
  • Mere Christianity – CS Lewis puts faith simply, like few others can
  • How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth – deep
  • Multiply – a call to make disciples who make disciples
  • Victory Over the Darkness – this book is about making Christ all that really matters in your life
  • The Purpose Driven Church – somewhat dated today, but gives great insight into the thought behind the “seeker sensitive” movement – even though I tend to shy away from that camp today
  • Communicating for Change – who would have thought a book on preaching would be one you couldn’t put down? I am 100% on board with Andy Stanley’s thesis that a sermon should have only one point and the purpose of preaching is life change
  • The Provocative Church – how should the church and the world interact?
  • The Organic Church – I hesitate to link to this one, because I think the author gets some of the foundation wrong. However, if you see “house church” and interpret it as “small group”, there’s a lot I can get behind this book and I’d be lying if I didn’t say it shaped my views

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