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April 16, 2007. A cold Monday morning in a sleepy town that would change the world. I slept in, waking up to find that the world of the night before was nothing like the world of now. A gunman on campus. People injured and dead. Lots of rumors but no one knew anything for sure. What […]

By Chris, 15. April 2017, 20:46 o'clock
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My kitchen needs help. It was a homeowner job in 1979. It was poorly installed – no level, maybe not even a tape measure. The cabinets are wearing out. It’s time for something new. What’s wrong? I have three sets of hanging cabinets, none of which are hung at the same level. One has been […]

By Chris, 30. December 2016, 23:55 o'clock
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Porter Airlines, I was a passenger scheduled for your Friday, 25 March flight from Mont Tremblant at 9:05am, ultimately landing in Washington, DC at 3:40pm. Our flight from Mont Tremblant didn’t leave until after 3pm. Despite reassurances from the airline at 8am that the flight would leave as scheduled despite light snow, our flight was […]

By Chris, 27. March 2016, 20:34 o'clock
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Every few years, I like to post some of my favorite music for a specific occasion. This year, it’s Christmas. Christmas music is meant to be sung with other people, so you’ll notice that many of these albums are live recordings. Chris Tomlin’s Adore: Christmas Songs Of Worship (Live) The title track He Shall Reign […]

By Chris, 25. December 2015, 12:35 o'clock
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A lot has happened since I last posted over two years ago. Even more has happened since January 2009, when I last regularly posted. In that time I have: Finished up my time as a college minister and transitioned into new ministry roles surrounding discipleship, prayer, and outreach to people in need Relearned Spanish Visited […]

By Chris, 15. February 2015, 23:13 o'clock
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This recipe was originally found by my grandmother in I believe an ad for cool whip and pudding. I have taken the original recipe and updated it to use fewer artificial ingredients.   Ingredients 1 pie crust (I recommend graham cracker crust that contains no hydrogenated oils) 4 oz cream cheese, softened 1 tablespoon milk […]

By Chris, 18. November 2012, 21:42 o'clock

Took a lot of pictures this evening from Rosslyn and Washington. Still trying to get the perfect artsy DC photos to hang in my office. Not convinced that I’m there yet, but still enjoyed a beautiful evening out and about. Photography is definitely one way that I worship. Also gotta love being minutes from the […]

By Chris, 23. September 2008, 23:01 o'clock

Back in 2005, I wrote about Batman Begins, which truly blew me away. I left believing that I could be Batman. Ever since seeing the trailer for The Dark Knight a couple of months ago, I’ve been waiting to see the next installation in the series. Finally made it out Friday night. A week since […]

By Chris, 27. July 2008, 20:55 o'clock

I’ve updated this site to the latest version of WordPress (the software I run), which also meant updating my gallery software, most of my WordPress plugins, and fixing a corrupted table in my WordPress database.  But now I’m up to date! My main incentive for getting all up to date was to enable mobile blogging […]

By Chris, 27. July 2008, 20:39 o'clock

You call a plumber for an estimate on some work and they refer you to another plumber. The main sewer line in my house needs replacing.  It’s going to be an expensive job, so I’m trying to be an intelligent homeowner and get some quotes on the work.  I’ve been told by a commercial contractor […]

By Chris, 25. April 2008, 11:35 o'clock