Hotel Rwanda and Psycho

Hotel RwandaPsychoI watched two outstanding movies today: Hotel Rwanda and Psycho. Of the two, Hotel Rwanda had a far greater impact on me. I was blinking back tears at the end–I think the part of the story that really got to me was that it really happened. I can understand why it was nominated for so many awards.

I also enjoyed watching Psycho. I am quite a Hitchcock fan, but honestly, I was expecting more from the famed shower scene. Maybe I’ve just seen too many horror movie spoofs, but I just didn’t find it scary. No way it’s on my scariest movie moments of all time list. I especially liked reading the trivia about the movie’s production. Apparently, the blood is actually Bosco chocolate syrup. After it’s Seinfeld fame, I feel like going out and buying a bottle. And yes, Kroger is one of the few grocery chains that carries Bosco.

I’d recommend seeing both movies if you get the chance. VT students, the library has Hotel Rwanda on DVD and Psycho on VHS.