85 Degrees and no A/C

Tonight, our house’s central A/C unit froze up.  I noticed just after 8pm that it was really hot upstairs.  I checked the thermostat on the first floor, which was reading 80 degrees.  It was set to 72.  The A/C was running hard, but the air wasn’t coming out cold.  I looked downstairs and all the refrigerant lines were iced over.  Even the outdoor valves were iced over.  Quite a feat when it was still close to 90 degrees outside.  After three hours of thawing, I let it run for 25 minutes to see if it was working again.  The temperature was 80 when the time started and still 80 when it ended, so we’ll have to get someone out here to look at it.  It looks like we either have a very dirty indoor coil or a refrigerant leak.  Not fun with the current forecast.  I’m going to sleep in the basement tonight where it’s about 74 degrees at the moment.

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