Beach weekend

Buried in the sand with one of my best friends, MichaelThis past weekend, my extended family took a trip to Virginia Beach. Vicki and Jim, my dad’s cousin and her husband, and their daughter Jessica opened up their beach house to my grandpa, my parents, my sister, one of my best friends Michael, and myself. We enjoyed a quick weekend of beach activities with perfect beach weather. It had been years since I had been down to the beach house, which was once my great grandparents’ home, so it was fun to see the old place and get a chance to swim in the beach. I went to the beach last summer, but in my opinion, California beaches are much too cold for swimming.

I also enjoyed getting the chance to spend time with Michael, since I hadn’t seen him since the semester ended.  We took turns burying each other in the sand, like you can see in the picture above.  I still need to get my sister to send me the pictures of Michael buried in the sand.

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This is officially the worst picture of me that I’ve found on the Internet. It’s not incriminating, but look at my sun-baked, sand-crusted skin. And my hair! Shameful, just shameful. Funny pictures notwithstanding, the beach trip was fun. Next time we should take a road trip.

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