San Francisco, day 2

Today, we visited the Golden Gate park (not near the bridge), went to seal rock, rode the famous cable cars, and enjoyed the waterfront. Inside Golden Gate Park, we visited the Japanses Tea Gardens and also walked through the Botanical Gardens.
Japanese Tea Garden
Today’s lunch was Cathay House in Chinatown. I had beef with mixed Chinese vegetables. It seemed that the only vegetable used was something that vaguely resembled celery. The beef was fatty and chewy. And don’t get me started on their brown sauce. The only redeeming factor was the Oolong tea that they served with the meal. For dinner, we returned to In-N-Out Burger. It’s already a favorite. To quote one of the guys from my office “general note about eating in California: In-N-Out Burger: wherever you see one, stop and eat!” I agree.
In-N-Out Burger

Tonight is our last night in San Francisco. Tomorrow morning, we pick up our rental car and head to Yosemite National Park. No word on the internet access for the rest of the trip.

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