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This Holiday Life

Last night was a fun night at The Gathering. John gave the sex talk, which is one of the best sex talks I’ve heard. You can hear it (once it’s posted as Part 5) here. Reminds me of Jim Pace from [nlcf]’s story about how the first two times he ever gave a talk about sex, his mother decided to come and visit. Talk about a hard message to give, especially since there was new (to her) information in it.

The event of the night was the guest appearance of This Holiday Life for the closing song during the service. Later that evening, they gave a concert. For those of you who have never heard of This Holiday Life, they’re currently on tour with Switchfoot and used their night off to come and play for us. They sound a lot like Switchfoot and put on a good, although short, show.


Slower than a tortoise

This week has been productive but busy at work. I’m in the process of replacing one of the machines that I use on a daily basis right now. It’s been running on a 5+ year old machine that’s outlasted its useful life. A build that takes over an hour on the server takes less than 10 minutes on my 2 year old work computer. Hopefully, my project will start moving faster once I get it over to a year old machine.


Blacksburg review

Once again, I’ve managed to slip into a cycle that doesn’t include posting. Blacksburg was fun last weekend, everything except getting a ticket on the 460 bypass coming into town. What really sucks about that is I was in the right lane going the same speed as the other cars, but I’m the one they decided to pull over. I enjoyed getting a chance to catch up with people who I hadn’t seen for over a month. Oh, and now I have Mill Mountain coffee at home. Mmmmm . . .


Week in review

It’s been a fun week. Kinda. I moved my desk at work down the hall at work (not my choice), but it’s ended up being completely anticlimatic. Made lots of progress on my current project at work. Had an awesome service on prayer Wednesday night at The Gathering. The main downside was dealing with Verizon (see earlier post). Now I’m off to spend the weekend in Blacksburg, where the DSL is still down. So call me, since I won’t be online.


Verizon sucks

I’m trying to move my home phone line from Verizon to Verizon wireless, while keeping my Verizon DSL. Doesn’t seem so hard, does it? So far, I’ve spent about 10 hours on the phone and we’re still nowhere. They cut the DSL. I have a cellphone with the same number as the still active land line. And the incoming calls come to the land line.

It’s so bad it’s almost amusing. It’s not my name on the account. It’s not Kevin’s name on the account (which it was up until we tried to change it two weeks ago). Somehow in the switch, Andy (who lived there 3 years ago and I’ve never met) ended up with his name back on the account. A supervisor tells me it should be resolved in 24-48 business hours. Folks, this is why monopolies are bad.

"I tried calling in sick yesterday, but I was put on hold and disconnected."


Batman Begins

I just got back from an evening of fun. Went up to Adventure Park USA near Frederick, MD with some friends from The Gathering.

On the way back, some of us decided to make a detour to a theater and catch a showing of Batman Begins. The movie was excellent. In fact, I’d have to say that it’s the best movie I’ve seen so far in 2005. Why? Well, this movie convinced me that the bat suit is real. We have nearly all the technology needed to make the bat suit from the movie. The secial effects are outstanding, including the clouds of bats, which I assume were CG. There was enough suspense to keep me absorbed in the story, yet there were moments of light humor. Even as someone who hasn’t seen a Batman movie since around ’96, I enjoyed the back story of how Batman became Batman. I may have to go out and start watching the other Batman movies to see what I’ve been missing.

Current Events

Beyond a reasonable doubt

MJ is free. The key words from the jurors were “beyond a reasonable doubt.” I’m glad that the circus is over and the spectators are leaving. Yes, Jacko has a lot of issues. I mean a 47 year old sharing his bed with pre-teens is just plain stupid. But the kid with cancer’s mother is extremely greedy and Jackson has no common sense.

It is funny to see how different people are reacting to the outcome. Here’s some IMs I had waiting for me when I got home last night:

(22:16:58) Anonymous: Look, Michael did not molest those kids.
(22:17:11) Anonymous: And even if he did, he was just giving them what they wanted
(22:17:41) Anonymous: You don’t go to Neverland and not want to get molested
(22:18:22) Anonymous: It’s like if you climbed in a bear’s cage at the park and got maimed
(22:18:38) Anonymous: everyone would just think you were an idiot
(22:18:46) Anonymous: Anyhow, MJ doesn’t molest children
(22:18:51) Anonymous: He empowers them
(22:20:48) Anonymous: no he does
(22:20:55) Anonymous: he holds sports camps and stuff
(22:21:31) Anonymous:


Getting this thing started . . .

Some of you who have known me for years will remember that I first started my web site sometime during my junior or senior year of high school. Senior year, I overhauled the site into more of a blog. I wrote all the HTML for it myself during geosystems one day, including the first post. I continued to update that page during high school, and moved it from the systems lab at school to my home computer (running an impressive newly released Red Hat 9) when I graduated. All of my early posts were supplimented by epic away messages that were essentially an IM version of a blog.

I continued to make the occasional update or post into the second semester of college. At that point, I did a major redesign of my site to make it look good and update the content. Sadly, I never finished that update. I posted the nearly complete results and continued to update the content, but never finished my template.

As time went on, I posted less and less frequently. By the end of the semester, I had all but stopped posting. That site remained active the entire next year, but I knew it was time to move my site to blogging software.

What kept me from using Blogger, Xanga, or another hosted blog service? I’ve always liked hosting my own sites and having full access to all the code I’m using. Therefore, I knew that I would either need to find GPL blog software or write my own blogging system.

I am just now getting around to finally putting my software into WordPress, a GPL blogging system that looks like it will meet all my needs. Check back here for frequent updates!

Also, I’m working on a blogroll (links to friends’ blogs/sites). If you’d like to be included on it, please send me a message or leave me a comment with your URL.