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On politics

So one of my favorite things to think about is politics. I feel kinda guilty admitting that, as it’s given much more attention and importance than I feel it deserves. At the same time, it’s been a long time since I’ve had such mixed feelings about an election.

Two years ago, I believed Obama was a longshot candidate. Today, he seems a near certain victor. Eight years ago McCain was too much of a maverick for republicans. Today, he’s towing the party line (not Bush’s line, but still hat the party leadership wants). I would have happily voted for the 2000 McCain, since a true bipartisan and maverick would be a welcome change. Obama’s claims of post-partisan politics are only true if you define post-partisan as left-leaning.

What I like about Obama:

  • He’s an inspiring speaker
  • He comes across as presidential
  • He’s young
  • He’s smart
  • He’s inspiring
  • He took down the Clinton machine-ended the Bush-Clinton dynasty
  • Would probably not deliver on promises and would be a one term president

And what I dislike:

  • He’s arrogant like no other. I think he’s running for Jesus, not president
  • He uses people for political gain
  • His associations are scary
  • He says what you want to hear, not what he intends to do

What I like about McCain:

  • He’s spent time in Washington
  • He’s not a Bush clone – as a matter of fact, he was the bane of his party in 2000
  • He’s a centrist
  • He actually has meaningful experience

What I dislike about McCain:

  • He’s a hothead
  • He’s old
  • He has a Bush-like tendency for gaffes
  • His conservatism is suspect-seems to be for big government, like most current republicans
  • He’s inarticulate
  • I can’t see him as president
  • The chances of him dying in office are too high to have inexperienced Palin as the vice president
  • Would most likely be a one term president due to age

All that said, I can’t vote for either major party candidate. I’m investigating my options. Looking into third parties and write ins. Whatever your political persuasion, go vote next Tuesday. It’s critical in shaping who runs next time around.


Local elections are funny

I live in a town. In Virginia, towns are located inside counties and are below the county level of government. It appears that Fairfax county (which contains 3 towns and roughly 21,000 voters – ~1 million total county population) requires all town candidates to run as independents. I was planning to vote in the Vienna election today, but I logged on to find out about the candidates. I like the mayor, but didn’t know anything about the council members. This is what I found:

Town of Vienna

Sample Ballot**


Registered Voters – 10,703

M. Jane Seeman 600 Blackstone Terrace, NW Vienna, VA 22180

Town Council (Elect three)

Laurie Genevro Cole 706 Spring Street, SE Vienna, VA 22180
Edythe Frankel Kelleher 706 Park Street, SE Vienna, VA 22180
Michael J. Polychrones 1411 Patrick Circle, SW Vienna, VA 22180

Polling Location:

Vienna Community Center 120 Cherry Street, S.E., Vienna, VA 22180

I think it’s safe to sit this one out.


I love Toothpaste for Dinner

Political Ideology

A daily Drew drawing from Toothpaste for Dinner.

Faith Politics

Stolen post: I can’t believe they wrapped Jesus in an American flag

Jesus flagThis is one of the best political posts I’ve read in a long time.

Courtesy of History in the Making.

I can’t tell you how many e-mails I got before Tuesday about the Christian values at stake in this election. The calls to prayer… the passionate pleas to mobilize our congregation… I haven’t heard from those people since.

This is a dangerous post for me to write, but I think it might be good for us to be ‘losers’ in the political arena for a while…

…Just in case we got the idea we could legislate our way to a transformed culture. ~ Just in case we aligned the church with a particular political party. ~ Just in case we mistook the USA for that city shining on a hill… rather than the Church of Jesus Christ.

I’m afraid people have associated the movement of Christ a little too closely with a political agenda. And it’s killing the church. It would be highly beneficial in our ‘Daily-Show-culture’ for us to be stripped of any political influence until we can learn to rely on Christ for cultural transformation. We cannot legislate our way to a revival.


Sick of the Rhetoric

I have a love-hate relationship with politics.  It’s stuff like this that makes me hate politics:

SUGAR LAND, Tex., Oct. 30 — President Bush said terrorists will win if Democrats win and impose their policies on Iraq, as he and Vice President Cheney escalated their rhetoric Monday in an effort to turn out Republican voters in next week’s midterm elections. (via Washington Post)

Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, that’s an outrageous statement to make.  In essence, Bush is accusing the democrats of being in alliance with terrorists.  I don’t care how different their plans are from his, but I’m confident that the democrats are not in alliance with terrorists. I’m not going to declare that the democrats are saints, but I’m not surprised that democrats are on the verge of taking over congress.
I’d like to think that most people can see through shoddy political rhetoric.  My brain hurts.

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Looks like the terrorists are winning

Since we’ve “foiled” another terrorist plot, what you can bring on an airplane has been cut down again. And who says we’re winning the war on terror? As all our freedoms leave us, it makes me think that we’d be better off if we had some people die in terrorist attacks, but kept our freedoms. I mean, isn’t that what the terrorists are fighting against?

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So I had an adventure tonight

The White House up closeLook at what The Washington Post had to say about it

WASHINGTON — President Bush was the host of the annual congressional picnic Thursday at the White House, but it was his chief of staff’s band that came close to stealing the show. (more)

A little over a week ago, my dad gets a call from Tabetha Mueller, a family friend of ours that I taught Vacation Bible School music with one year and my dad played in a band with for several years. She said that she was playing in a band and they needed a rhythym guitarist to help fill out their sound for an upcoming event at the White House. The CompassionatesShe explained that she was playing in a band called The Compassionates with Josh Bolten (the president’s current chief of staff, the president’s former economic advisor, and her father (the president’s former chief of staff). The set was three classic rock songs, and she could probably get my family in to the congressional picnic. He accepted.

Mom, Laura, and I with George W. BushMy mom, sister, and I took the metro downtown and walked to the White House. We enjoyed the beautiful house, appetizers, dinner, The Compassionates in concert, and dessert, interrupted by a photo shoot and autograph signing with the president. It was a beautiful evening for a picnic. It was originally scheduled for yesterday, but pushed back because of a chance of rain. The only downside of the date change was that we missed Laura’s high school baccalaureate service and Tabetha’s dad was unable to join the band. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer evening, and everyone that we interacted with at the White House was extremely nice.

The Family with Laura BushBush is much better with people than I realized. He may not be my favorite president (or even close), but it was amazing to spend an evening at an official event thrown by the president of the world’s super power nation. It’s also too bad that the rumors of Bill and Hillary attending proved to be untrue. Meeting two presidents in one night would have been ridiculous.

UPDATE: it appears a clip of me holding my camera from this event appeared on MSNBC around noon yesterday.

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Iraqi Air Force General Speaks

Georges SadaTonight, I heard Iraqi General Georges Sada speak about what God is doing in Iraq. Sada is an evangelical Christian, who was a top advisor to Saddam Hussein, and should have been killed many times for things that he told Saddam. He told many interesting stories about how he met Saddam (giving him a ride home in 1965, when he was carless and not in power) and how the stories that we hear about Iraq over here are not accurate depictions of how much of his country is today. Also, thousands of former Muslims are giving their lives to Christ now that it is legal for them to do so. Sada recently authored a book that explains Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction (both chemical and biological) and what he did with them before UN weapons inspectors returned in 2002. Even though the interview with him is over an hour long, when the audio is posted on the web, it will be a must listen. I’ll post a link when it’s available.

UPDATE: Download the audio here. MP3, 19.1 MB, 83 minutes.

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UN wants Guantanamo Bay prison shut down

Guantanamo BayThe Washington Post reports that the UN wants the military prison at Guantanamo Bay closed down and all the prisoners either tried or released. Guantanamo Bay is something that makes me embarassed to say that I’m an American. We’re supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave, but humiliating and possibly even tourturing prisoners is cowardly.

As a citizen of God’s kingdom first and an American second, I believe that we need to take a stand and tell our government that situations like that prison are not acceptable. Holding people for an extended time without trial is not the American thing to do, and it’s certainly not something that is pleasing to God. It’s time for our nation to repent of our mistake at Guantanamo Bay and to make things right with those people who were held there.

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Amazing footnote

GavelI think this may be the best legalese footnote I’ve ever seen:

A certain four-letter verb for “copulate,” of possible Scandinavian origin (see Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary (1977) p. 463, col. 2) appears frequently in the record along with its gerundive and a related noun involving the maternal parent.

From footnote 1 of this California Court of Appeals opinion.