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Some of you will remember that back in early 2002, my Fujitsu Lifebook computer’s power connector stopped working. I took it to Practical Computer, where an idiot who was a friend of the new owner fried my motherboard and probably the video card in the process of repairing the connector. I never got proper restitution […]

By Chris, 20. August 2005, 11:07 o'clock

Since I haven’t been blogging very regularly, I figured I’d update you all on what I’ve been doing down in Blacksburg. This past week, I’ve biked the Huckleberry Trail, hiked Dragon’s Tooth, and tubed a mile down the New River. Also been helping lots of people move in and binging on classic movies.

By Chris, 14. August 2005, 21:00 o'clock

I know I’ve been bad about posting recently, but I wanted to put something up here thanking you all for making this summer awesome. The summer has had it’s ups and downs, but God is faithful and I know that He will never toss me anything that I can’t catch. So, to everyone I’ve worked […]

By Chris, 1. August 2005, 23:07 o'clock