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I’ve updated this site to the latest version of WordPress (the software I run), which also meant updating my gallery software, most of my WordPress plugins, and fixing a corrupted table in my WordPress database.  But now I’m up to date! My main incentive for getting all up to date was to enable mobile blogging […]

By Chris, 27. July 2008, 20:39 o'clock

So this past Thursday was my company’s Christmas party. As part of our bonus, we all received an iPod Touch. I still love my black 5th generation 60gig iPod. Too much music for the Touch. But being able to blog or surf anywhere with wifi sure is cool. Still getting used to the screen keyboard, […]

By Chris, 16. December 2007, 22:18 o'clock

I’ve been terrible about posting lately.  Sorry.  But there’s a few static pages that I want to get up in the near future.  A page about my nerdy projects (MAME cabinet, MythTV box, etc).  Improvements to the movies page.  Also a page about pro audio. Feel free to suggest content you’d like to see here.

By Chris, 26. October 2007, 13:56 o'clock

After the hard drive died in May, the MythBox has been in a constant state of disarray. First, I couldn’t get a reasonably current Linux distribution to install (for a variety of reasons, different for each distro I tried). Then, I finally got MythDora 3.2 installed correctly and I had no sound. Turns out the […]

By Chris, 19. February 2007, 17:17 o'clock

Interview By Proxy From Stephan … After digging through a pile of resumes for a junior developer position, I settled on a few for an in-person interview. When the day came around for one particular candidate’s interview, the receptionist told me that there were two people in the waiting room wanting to see me. By […]

By Chris, 12. January 2007, 17:02 o'clock

It’s data security. Digital Sandbox style. Hey, we couldn’t get the hard drive to load, but we wanted to make sure that the user’s personal data was gone. This is what happens when engineers put their heads together. And have access to fire.

By Chris, 13. June 2006, 22:38 o'clock

I just finished a redesign of the vtONE site. Take a look and let me know what you think. And yes, I borrowed extensively from the recent redesign of this site.

By Chris, 30. May 2006, 22:40 o'clock

Now that I’ve had her for a week, it’s time for me to introduce the newest member of the family. Meet Marzipan. She’s a 60 gigabyte black iPod Video, named after the Homestar Runner character of the same name. Yes, all my computers have Homestar Runner names. Homestarrunner: the wireless network with WPA encryption Coach-Z: […]

By Chris, 22. May 2006, 08:46 o'clock

A question I get frequently is “What is a bolt in the blue?” Since I’ve been known to give bad answers, I’m hoping that this post will clear up the confusion. First of all, I’ve been using variations on “bolt in blue” to identify myself online since 1997. The story of where I learned the […]

By Chris, 27. February 2006, 01:44 o'clock

Many of you know that even though my warranty replacement Dell Precision M60 laptop has been a great machine, I’d love to have a Powerbook. Today, Apple announced a new laptop, sporting an Intel dual core processor, to be released in February. The new MacBook Pro looks hott, and at $1999 or $2499 is very […]

By Chris, 11. January 2006, 00:44 o'clock