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So one of my favorite things to think about is politics. I feel kinda guilty admitting that, as it’s given much more attention and importance than I feel it deserves. At the same time, it’s been a long time since I’ve had such mixed feelings about an election. Two years ago, I believed Obama was […]

By Chris, 27. October 2008, 23:33 o'clock

Back in 2005, I wrote about Batman Begins, which truly blew me away. I left believing that I could be Batman. Ever since seeing the trailer for The Dark Knight a couple of months ago, I’ve been waiting to see the next installation in the series. Finally made it out Friday night. A week since […]

By Chris, 27. July 2008, 20:55 o'clock

It’s been a year. It feels so far away, yet it could have been yesterday. The day that my quiet little town of Blacksburg became the center of the world. From the first I heard – a phone call from my sister saying that something had gone terribly wrong in her dorm – blood everywhere, […]

By Chris, 15. April 2008, 23:24 o'clock

I want to draw your attention to a page we put up on the vtONE site sharing some of the prayers and stories that are flowing in from around the world. Feel free to check out the page and the announcement post on the vtONE site.

By Chris, 17. April 2007, 23:25 o'clock

It’s been the kind of day that you wouldn’t wish on anyone here at Virginia Tech. Our campus has been shaken, but God is still our king. As people are coping with the loss of so many members of our community, we want to take every chance that we have to lift our campus up […]

By Chris, 16. April 2007, 17:14 o'clock

UPDATE 4PM: suspect was captured near the rugby field behind the south main Kroger.  Now let’s see if I can get home.  I’ve been gone since 8:30AM with little to do. UPDATE 12:45PM: another sighting on campus. Neighborhood on lockdown. Looks like I’ll be spending the day in Christiansburg. Story is the top story on […]

By Chris, 21. August 2006, 08:53 o'clock

Since we’ve “foiled” another terrorist plot, what you can bring on an airplane has been cut down again. And who says we’re winning the war on terror? As all our freedoms leave us, it makes me think that we’d be better off if we had some people die in terrorist attacks, but kept our freedoms. […]

By Chris, 10. August 2006, 08:24 o'clock

Look at what The Washington Post had to say about it WASHINGTON — President Bush was the host of the annual congressional picnic Thursday at the White House, but it was his chief of staff’s band that came close to stealing the show. (more) A little over a week ago, my dad gets a call […]

By Chris, 15. June 2006, 23:20 o'clock

I’ve been busy the last few days. We’re getting a lot of new people at work, and I’m on a project in addition to doing IT, so I’ve been keeping busy. I’ve also been doing a lot of cooking in the evenings. Tonight, it was my oat fudge bars recipe. We’ll see how they came […]

By Chris, 13. June 2006, 22:23 o'clock

A Florida judge has ordered two lawyers to play rock-paper-scissors to settle a dispute. Unfortunately, all that was settled was who would pick the location for the deposition. Even still, I think it’s a great caricature of American society. See the full story at CNN Money.

By Chris, 8. June 2006, 08:49 o'clock