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April 16, 2007. A cold Monday morning in a sleepy town that would change the world. I slept in, waking up to find that the world of the night before was nothing like the world of now. A gunman on campus. People injured and dead. Lots of rumors but no one knew anything for sure. What […]

By Chris, 15. April 2017, 20:46 o'clock
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It’s been a year. It feels so far away, yet it could have been yesterday. The day that my quiet little town of Blacksburg became the center of the world. From the first I heard – a phone call from my sister saying that something had gone terribly wrong in her dorm – blood everywhere, […]

By Chris, 15. April 2008, 23:24 o'clock

Awesome last two Wednesday nights at The Gathering 703.  Looking forward to getting to know more of my Mason peeps. Headed to Blacksburg for a few days tomorrow.  Enjoyed the short trip this weekend and looking forward to a few more days at good ‘ol VT.  And the concert can’t hurt either.

By Chris, 5. September 2007, 23:22 o'clock

I want to draw your attention to a page we put up on the vtONE site sharing some of the prayers and stories that are flowing in from around the world. Feel free to check out the page and the announcement post on the vtONE site.

By Chris, 17. April 2007, 23:25 o'clock

It’s been the kind of day that you wouldn’t wish on anyone here at Virginia Tech. Our campus has been shaken, but God is still our king. As people are coping with the loss of so many members of our community, we want to take every chance that we have to lift our campus up […]

By Chris, 16. April 2007, 17:14 o'clock

It’s been one heck of a month for me. I’m in that bittersweet stage where I’m both very glad that my education is almost over while at the same time not wanting to be done. The week leading up to vtONE was a rollercoaster all by itself. There was so much still to be done […]

By Chris, 4. April 2007, 12:28 o'clock

We just blew #1 ranked UNC out this afternoon in basketball.  94-88.  I was there.  Very exciting game–we were up nearly the entire game, and at one point had a 22 point lead.  We were up by 20 with five minutes left.  Of course, we rushed the court.  We’re undefeated against teams from North Carolina: […]

By Chris, 14. January 2007, 00:12 o'clock

I’m done with another semester! Just one more to go! I’m also done with my Christmas shopping and my Christmas wrapping. Boy does it feel good to be DONE. I’m hoping to get back into a more regular blogging schedule, now that my life has some sense of normality again.

By Chris, 14. December 2006, 01:16 o'clock

And we had our first night game tonight. It’s very chilly now (39 degrees), but it was worth the cold to play at night. Plus, the trees are turning colors. I’m also going to withdraw from Operating Systems. Praying that we can get Embedded System Design to count as an equivalent course so we never […]

By Chris, 22. October 2006, 01:09 o'clock

In the next week, I have three projects due, a test, a testing plan (think paper), and a quiz on top of my regular homework.  I won’t be updating this week, so I figured I’d make a quick post and share some pictures from this past weekend and my Sabbath.    

By Chris, 11. October 2006, 20:59 o'clock