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Jacksonville, part 1

I’m currently in Jacksonville doing training sessions for work. After training today, I made it out to Jacksonville Beach and then enjoyed the downtown riverfront at night. Today, I’ll share some beach pictures.

Jacksonville Beach Jacksonville Beach Jacksonville Beach Jacksonville Beach


Local elections are funny

I live in a town. In Virginia, towns are located inside counties and are below the county level of government. It appears that Fairfax county (which contains 3 towns and roughly 21,000 voters – ~1 million total county population) requires all town candidates to run as independents. I was planning to vote in the Vienna election today, but I logged on to find out about the candidates. I like the mayor, but didn’t know anything about the council members. This is what I found:

Town of Vienna

Sample Ballot**


Registered Voters – 10,703

M. Jane Seeman 600 Blackstone Terrace, NW Vienna, VA 22180

Town Council (Elect three)

Laurie Genevro Cole 706 Spring Street, SE Vienna, VA 22180
Edythe Frankel Kelleher 706 Park Street, SE Vienna, VA 22180
Michael J. Polychrones 1411 Patrick Circle, SW Vienna, VA 22180

Polling Location:

Vienna Community Center 120 Cherry Street, S.E., Vienna, VA 22180

I think it’s safe to sit this one out.