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A post from History in the Making: It’s tempting as a pastor to lead people on a comfortable path. Ahh, the love and appreciation you get. No one leaves the church. But it’s ultimately not the route God wants us to take. God doesn’t just lead us to green pastures. He leads us to green […]

By Chris, 27. January 2007, 02:48 o'clock

We just blew #1 ranked UNC out this afternoon in basketball.  94-88.  I was there.  Very exciting game–we were up nearly the entire game, and at one point had a 22 point lead.  We were up by 20 with five minutes left.  Of course, we rushed the court.  We’re undefeated against teams from North Carolina: […]

By Chris, 14. January 2007, 00:12 o'clock

Interview By Proxy From Stephan … After digging through a pile of resumes for a junior developer position, I settled on a few for an in-person interview. When the day came around for one particular candidate’s interview, the receptionist told me that there were two people in the waiting room wanting to see me. By […]

By Chris, 12. January 2007, 17:02 o'clock

I watched two outstanding movies today: Hotel Rwanda and Psycho. Of the two, Hotel Rwanda had a far greater impact on me. I was blinking back tears at the end–I think the part of the story that really got to me was that it really happened. I can understand why it was nominated for so […]

By Chris, 11. January 2007, 00:49 o'clock

I got back from Passion 07 last Thursday, but haven’t blogged about it yet. I came down with a cold Friday night that’s still with me, so I’ve accomplished a lot less than I’d like in the past few days. At Passion this year, there were over 22,000 college students in Atlanta for four days […]

By Chris, 10. January 2007, 01:48 o'clock

The past few days I’ve been in Atlanta.  I drove in on Saturday with Chris for the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, formerly the Peach Bowl.  Unfortunately, our Hokies continued their bowl game tradition of choking.  Still, the game was exciting and well worth attending. After the game, we headed to Sno’s aunt’s compound for the night.  It’s […]

By Chris, 3. January 2007, 17:33 o'clock