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Here’s my 2016 update to the Christmas music post. Christmas music is meant to be sung with other people, so you’ll notice that many of these albums are live recordings. McLean Worship: Immanuel God with Us The freshman release from my church’s worship leaders. A combination of new songs and old favorites. I was part […]

By Chris, 24. December 2016, 22:44 o'clock
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Every few years, I like to post some of my favorite music for a specific occasion. This year, it’s Christmas. Christmas music is meant to be sung with other people, so you’ll notice that many of these albums are live recordings. Chris Tomlin’s Adore: Christmas Songs Of Worship (Live) The title track He Shall Reign […]

By Chris, 25. December 2015, 12:35 o'clock
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Awesome last two Wednesday nights at The Gathering 703.  Looking forward to getting to know more of my Mason peeps. Headed to Blacksburg for a few days tomorrow.  Enjoyed the short trip this weekend and looking forward to a few more days at good ‘ol VT.  And the concert can’t hurt either.

By Chris, 5. September 2007, 23:22 o'clock

Like David Crowder * Band? Then go vote for them over at MSN music. You know you want to.

By Chris, 28. December 2006, 00:39 o'clock

It’s been more than a week since classes ended. Well, actually, I have an assignment that I need to do sometime this week for one of last semester’s classes (long story), but I’ve enjoyed my week off. Several highlights from this week: Snowshoe – The conditions were the worst I’d ever seen at Snowshoe (only […]

By Chris, 24. December 2006, 00:12 o'clock

You have to watch the whole thing for the whole effect. Link

By Chris, 23. November 2006, 01:14 o'clock

Saw Monster House last night at the drive in. Okay story line (designed for kids), but amazing computer graphics. Also had a chance to try one of the “world famous” drive in hotdogs. Their chili was almost nonexistant. I think I’ll pass on the hot dogs next time and opt for a second popcorn instead. […]

By Chris, 5. August 2006, 23:36 o'clock

My least favorite part of working at Digital Sandbox is the commute. This morning, I had my fastest morning since we’ve been located near Worldgate. It was about 40 minutes. My commute typically takes between 45 and 65 minutes, usually about 55 in the morning and 45 in the evening. The office is a little […]

By Chris, 22. May 2006, 22:22 o'clock

Now that I’ve had her for a week, it’s time for me to introduce the newest member of the family. Meet Marzipan. She’s a 60 gigabyte black iPod Video, named after the Homestar Runner character of the same name. Yes, all my computers have Homestar Runner names. Homestarrunner: the wireless network with WPA encryption Coach-Z: […]

By Chris, 22. May 2006, 08:46 o'clock

I just got my Passion: Everything Glorious CD in the mail today. I’ve already listened to the whole thing, and it’s like being back there. Tracks that I especially like include How Marvelous (Chris Tomlin), We Are Yours (Charlie Hall), Everything Glorious (David Crowder*Band), and Our God Reigns (Chris Tomlin & Matt Redman). I especially […]

By Chris, 4. April 2006, 00:37 o'clock