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Yesterday, I went to an old quarry near Blacksburg.  Beautiful site, and lots of fun jumping from 10′ and 40′ cliffs.  But remember, keep your arms in and your legs together.  I did neither, and can still feel it.

By Chris, 27. August 2006, 23:47 o'clock

I finished Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz this afternoon. A good read. Light, yet made me think. I recommend it, especially for people who are frustrated with the church. I especially enjoyed hearing about Miller’s time at Reed College. Confession: I spent several hours today on the Reed College site and over at wikipedia. I’ve […]

By Chris, 22. August 2006, 22:51 o'clock

UPDATE 4PM: suspect was captured near the rugby field behind the south main Kroger.  Now let’s see if I can get home.  I’ve been gone since 8:30AM with little to do. UPDATE 12:45PM: another sighting on campus. Neighborhood on lockdown. Looks like I’ll be spending the day in Christiansburg. Story is the top story on […]

By Chris, 21. August 2006, 08:53 o'clock

I saw Snakes on a Plane Saturday night. The movie was much better produced than expected, but what made the movie was the audience participation in the theater. There were some huge jumps in why things were happening in the movie (don’t think about it too much). It was also fun to see the movie […]

By Chris, 21. August 2006, 08:32 o'clock

Saw Talladega Nights Friday at the Starlite Drive In. Okay racecar movie (not as funny as I had hoped for a Will Ferrell Movie), but a fun one to see at the drive in, since it’s about racing.

By Chris, 21. August 2006, 08:04 o'clock

Busy getting ready for the semester. Move in starts tomorrow. Ian and Josh Q are staying with us. Logan comes back tomorrow. Sno moved in today. Lots of moving. I wrote a post about things getting started over at the vtONE site. Give it a read. You’ll like it.

By Chris, 15. August 2006, 15:32 o'clock

Since we’ve “foiled” another terrorist plot, what you can bring on an airplane has been cut down again. And who says we’re winning the war on terror? As all our freedoms leave us, it makes me think that we’d be better off if we had some people die in terrorist attacks, but kept our freedoms. […]

By Chris, 10. August 2006, 08:24 o'clock

Will be glad when project 3 (a dumb terminal) is done.  God willing, I will finish early tomorrow.  I spent eight hours in there today.

By Chris, 9. August 2006, 23:25 o'clock

Saw Monster House last night at the drive in. Okay story line (designed for kids), but amazing computer graphics. Also had a chance to try one of the “world famous” drive in hotdogs. Their chili was almost nonexistant. I think I’ll pass on the hot dogs next time and opt for a second popcorn instead. […]

By Chris, 5. August 2006, 23:36 o'clock

One of the things that I’ve enjoyed keeping track of since I was young has been which states I have visited.  For clarity’s sake, visiting a state simply means I’ve set my feet on the ground there.  For example, I was in Missouri on a five hour layover.  I could see the famous St. Louis […]

By Chris, 5. August 2006, 00:45 o'clock