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The following text was delivered by Ryan Newcomb in October 2003 at Prepare the Way 2: A vtONE event. It’s a touching story of why it is important that Christians, especially Christian leaders prepare themselves for spiritual attack. If you’re working with the goal of advancing the kingdom of God, you’re working against Satan’s plan, […]

By Chris, 27. February 2006, 15:15 o'clock

A question I get frequently is “What is a bolt in the blue?” Since I’ve been known to give bad answers, I’m hoping that this post will clear up the confusion. First of all, I’ve been using variations on “bolt in blue” to identify myself online since 1997. The story of where I learned the […]

By Chris, 27. February 2006, 01:44 o'clock

Ohio State University’s prayer movement, LoveOSU, finishes up a week of continuous prayer on Saturday at midnight. They’ve been praying in their prayer house nonstop since last Saturday, and they’re already seeing cool things happen as a result of their prayers. However, they are being spiritually attacked, which confirms that they’re doing God’s will, otherwise, […]

By Chris, 24. February 2006, 01:31 o'clock

Just a quick update to let you all know that I’m in a busy stretch.  I’ve already had a test this week, I have another one tomorrow, I have a project with formal report to do, and also a third test next week.  I’m also going to Ohio State over the weekend.  I have a […]

By Chris, 23. February 2006, 17:07 o'clock

Last night, I saw Shawn McDonald in concert at Dwelling Place, a church in Christiansburg. I didn’t recognize the name when I first heard about the concert yesterday afternoon, but I decided to take a look at his site, and some of his original songs seemed familiar, so I decided to go. Someone from Dwelling […]

By Chris, 19. February 2006, 14:20 o'clock

I saw David Crowder Band and Third Day in concert last night at Liberty University. Both bands did an excellent job, but I’m not used to seeing Crowder as an opening act. I’ve seen Crowder play four times since October 2004, and every time, he was the main performer except for this time. I guess […]

By Chris, 19. February 2006, 13:55 o'clock

It’s been a while since I did a three things post, so here you go for your random Wednesday morning enjoyment. Three things you may not have known about me: I’m ambidextrous. I am an INTJ. My high school issued me an official fake ID card.

By Chris, 15. February 2006, 10:42 o'clock

Busy weekend here. Friday evening was the annual homegroup guys make the girls dinner and affirm that they’re good people, even though largely single people night. Cory (grad student cory, not roommate Cory) cooked spaghetti with meat sauce, chocolate covered strawberries, angel’s food cake toppings, and attempted to cook fried ice cream. The fried ice […]

By Chris, 13. February 2006, 21:44 o'clock

Coffee CupBest to worst, judged based on the quality of their espresso and their standard drip coffee:

  1. Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea
  2. Easy Chair Coffee
  3. Starbucks
  4. Bollo’s
  5. Deet’s Place

For a detailed review of each, click the link to the full post.

Also, feel free to debate the merits of each shop with me using the comments.

By Chris, 8. February 2006, 16:10 o'clock

I want to highlight an excellent essay by Brian of Zealous Endeavor on surrendering all areas of our lives to God. He writes: As we begin to take seriously this life to which we are called, we must surrender wholly to His will, to His leading, to His Word, and to His commands. We must […]

By Chris, 8. February 2006, 00:53 o'clock