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Tonight, our house’s central A/C unit froze up.  I noticed just after 8pm that it was really hot upstairs.  I checked the thermostat on the first floor, which was reading 80 degrees.  It was set to 72.  The A/C was running hard, but the air wasn’t coming out cold.  I looked downstairs and all the […]

By Chris, 30. May 2006, 22:52 o'clock

I just finished a redesign of the vtONE site. Take a look and let me know what you think. And yes, I borrowed extensively from the recent redesign of this site.

By Chris, 30. May 2006, 22:40 o'clock

This past weekend, my extended family took a trip to Virginia Beach. Vicki and Jim, my dad’s cousin and her husband, and their daughter Jessica opened up their beach house to my grandpa, my parents, my sister, one of my best friends Michael, and myself. We enjoyed a quick weekend of beach activities with perfect […]

By Chris, 30. May 2006, 22:38 o'clock

I need to become more decisive.  I can make big decisions, but I have a very hard time making little decisions and it tends to pull me down and drag me through the mud.  If you catch me being very indecisive, please call me on it.  It’s past time for me to do something about […]

By Chris, 26. May 2006, 21:59 o'clock

I will be out of town and likely without internet this weekend, so don’t expect to hear from me.  Hopefully, I’ll have some more in-depth posts ready for you all when I get back.  I’m also hoping that there will be less pollen in Virginia Beach than there is in the DC area.

By Chris, 26. May 2006, 20:16 o'clock

Long day at work today.  Our file server is having issues.  No data loss, but I don’t see the resolution yet.  And the server room air conditioning blows right in front of our rack.  It’s only 71 degrees in the room, but it’s really 65 and breezy where I stood most of the day.  Hopefully, […]

By Chris, 24. May 2006, 21:10 o'clock

Today on my way home from work, I turned my car over 50,000 miles. She’ll be 5 years old on October 28. While we’re on the topic of cars, I’ll add that I’ve never paid $3 or more for gas. Given that the average price in the area is about $3.10, I may have to […]

By Chris, 23. May 2006, 20:09 o'clock

My least favorite part of working at Digital Sandbox is the commute. This morning, I had my fastest morning since we’ve been located near Worldgate. It was about 40 minutes. My commute typically takes between 45 and 65 minutes, usually about 55 in the morning and 45 in the evening. The office is a little […]

By Chris, 22. May 2006, 22:22 o'clock

Tonight, I heard Iraqi General Georges Sada speak about what God is doing in Iraq. Sada is an evangelical Christian, who was a top advisor to Saddam Hussein, and should have been killed many times for things that he told Saddam. He told many interesting stories about how he met Saddam (giving him a ride […]

By Chris, 22. May 2006, 21:49 o'clock

Now that I’ve had her for a week, it’s time for me to introduce the newest member of the family. Meet Marzipan. She’s a 60 gigabyte black iPod Video, named after the Homestar Runner character of the same name. Yes, all my computers have Homestar Runner names. Homestarrunner: the wireless network with WPA encryption Coach-Z: […]

By Chris, 22. May 2006, 08:46 o'clock