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Coming Soon!This semester is shaping up to be my busiest yet, but I’m working on a series of posts. The primary intent of these posts is going to be to help equip other college ministry leaders with some of the resources that I’ve found particularly helpful in personally preparing me to do ministry and also resources that have helped me lead vtONE. I’m planning to break this series into one post each about several mediums. I’m going to cover books, podcasts, and blogs for certain. I’m debating three more posts, one covering websites, one an index of theologians who have somehow influenced me, and one about my theological biases (or, what I believe).

The last post is the one that I’m really conflicted about. On one hand, it might make the other posts more helpful if I expose my bias. On the other hand, I am all about unity, and I am always afraid that if I write publicly about a theological gray area it could come back and bite me. Also note that if I do the last post, I will post a quiz first about myself to see how much of a mystery my opinions really are. Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you think about that potential post.

Not into theology or spirituality? I’m planning to include all the podcasts I listen to in the podcast post, not just the ones that relate to ministry or theology. I’m also in the planning stages for a series of posts featuring my favorite photographs from the thousands I’ve taken over my lifetime.

Virginia Tech

OS Project 1 done

It’s only a day late and about 50% of it works! Yes, Operating Systems is a fun class. But I’m past project 1 now and couldn’t feel better.