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Long day at work today.  Our file server is having issues.  No data loss, but I don’t see the resolution yet.  And the server room air conditioning blows right in front of our rack.  It’s only 71 degrees in the room, but it’s really 65 and breezy where I stood most of the day.  Hopefully, […]

By Chris, 24. May 2006, 21:10 o'clock

My least favorite part of working at Digital Sandbox is the commute. This morning, I had my fastest morning since we’ve been located near Worldgate. It was about 40 minutes. My commute typically takes between 45 and 65 minutes, usually about 55 in the morning and 45 in the evening. The office is a little […]

By Chris, 22. May 2006, 22:22 o'clock

I’m alive, but a little behind.  I’ve been trying to sort through my emails and get the number still needing response down to zero, plus barely sleeping.  It’s been a rough past week. A lot of vtONE stuff came up, and I said goodbye to a number of friends.  Congratulations to the VT class of […]

By Chris, 14. May 2006, 22:35 o'clock

I know I’ve been bad about posting recently, but I wanted to put something up here thanking you all for making this summer awesome. The summer has had it’s ups and downs, but God is faithful and I know that He will never toss me anything that I can’t catch. So, to everyone I’ve worked […]

By Chris, 1. August 2005, 23:07 o'clock

We’re closing the company early today! The CEO’s assistant says it’s because of Canada Day, but I blame that on her being French Canadian. Whatever excuse it takes to leave early is good enough for me.

By Chris, 1. July 2005, 11:46 o'clock

This week has been productive but busy at work. I’m in the process of replacing one of the machines that I use on a daily basis right now. It’s been running on a 5+ year old machine that’s outlasted its useful life. A build that takes over an hour on the server takes less than […]

By Chris, 30. June 2005, 10:16 o'clock